Hawktail (Opens new windows) is an instrumental/acoustic music group consisting of Paul Kowert, guitarist, and Brittany Haas, fiddler. Dominick Lelie plays a mandolin.

Hawktail’s fellow musicians offer an unique perspective on the project. Hawktail was an original member of Punch Brothers that featured Kowert.

Hawktail’s second album Formations comes out just over a decade since their debut album, Unless. Haas stated that creating was a new delight, drawing from their experience in recording Unless.

Hawktail’s members provide a unique perspective on the project. Kowert, who is most famous for his brilliant bass playing at Punch Brothers, was Haas’s partner. Hawktail is known for its rhythmic sensibility and versatility.

Hawktail’s latest album Formations comes just over a decade after their debut album, Unless. “But we had strong begins that felt so great that we were like, “Let’s finish these instead.” Haas added that “We found a new joy creating, tapping back to the experience that was gained writing If. ”