Jordan Tice of Hawktail’s Bluegrass Group, Jordan Tice was Kowert’s guitarist. He added a capo at the fifth fret on his six-string to make it sound more high-pitched. He chose a slow, deliberate F.

Kowert asserts that the resonance of his kitchen’s many hard surfaces adds resonance to every jam session. Tice’s riffs moved Kowert and he began playing a simple melody.

Brittany Haas, a fiddler, joined in. They wrote 95% of the song within the next half hour. It took them months to finish the remaining 5%.

The last four-minute tune, “In the Kitchen,” has three verses. Haas sings the melody and Kowert plays the guitar. Tice is the lead singer in the third verse. The tune slowly absorbs into harmony, complementary strings parts, which are mostly played by Kowert and Haas.

This was my introduction song for Hawktail.

Music that is instrumental is my favorite music for work in GT’s office. I prefer songs with minimal percussion. This is because it makes me feel less anxious and distracted while I work at GT’s office. Hawktail was listening to “In the Kitchen”, the third track after “Night After Sidewalk”, which was by Kaki King.

Kowert believes Hawktail’s fans are finding Hawktail the same way as he was.

Hawktail is very bluegrass-oriented.

Kowert said that many members of the band have other musical projects. Kowert insists that many of the band members have other musical projects. 

Kowert is acutely aware that instrumental music will always be playing in background. Kowert adds that there are many ways to listen.

“I will perform a Bach Cantata as I prepare the food. It’s beautiful music that fills the room with beautiful sounds. However, it also makes me smile about my intensely studied habits. 

Hawktail’s members aren’t bound by the bluegrass rules when they create songs. They don’t play like a bassist that hammers away on one or five notes. Hawktail’s members use a consistent rhythm guitar pattern to drive songs forward.

Haas Kowert-Tice was the band’s 2014 debut album. Leslie was not a member of the band at the time. Each performance adds up to something stronger and more creative. Unless was recorded in a Lutheran cathedral. Chris Eldridge was also invited. He is a Punch Brothers producer and bandmate.