Three of the most dynamic instrumentalists working in roots music today, fiddler Brittany Haas, Paul Kowert (Punch Brothers), guitarist Jordan Tice(Tony Trischka), joined forces for their debut album You Got This. They used their string-band roots to have a close dialogue. It is an entirely instrumental recording that combines three distinct voices to create unity. Kowert says, “There is so many things we don’t need to say to each other.” “We joined forces because we wanted an opportunity to explore our ideas. We wanted to find out what was possible. We were able both to contribute writing and to work with each other. I think this album is all about discovery.

The joy of discovery is what makes this collaboration possible for master instrumentalists. It is what has fuelled their careers. Haas explored fiddle tradition with Bruce Molsky and Darol Anger; Kowert did groundbreaking work alongside the Punch Brothers. All of this is connected by a passion for sharing great music with friends.

Hawktail’s artists are known for their ability to innovate and keep on the cutting edge of tradition. While they possess a wealth of tools, they aren’t interested in flashy performances. These young musicians prefer to entertain their audience with memorable melodies and powerful arrangements. They also play the fiddle and guitar beautifully, as well, as the stomach-churning chords and the eloquent passages on their upright bass. Each song is an adventure that they share with their listeners. They also see each tune as a shared journey, which they can take together, exploring new ideas and passions along the way.